Aalborg – the happiest place in Europe :-)

Aalborg – the happiest place in Europe :-)

Welcome to Aalborg our hometown. Home to the happiest people in Europe.

In 2016 the people in Aalborg, called aalborgensere ( try not to break your tongue pronouncing that ) were elected “The happiest people in Europe” by the European Commission. And according to another election, by UN  we even live in “The happiest country” on the planet. Aalborg took the crown from cities like Stockholm , Vienna and even our beloved capital Copenhagen.  So why is that ?? Why is our hometown such a happy place? Here you have our take on the many reasons for these very fine awards. 

The “Limfjord” is dividing Aalborg in two. The northern part called “Noerresundby” is where we live. From the bridge, there are stunning views as the sun rises in the morning and it sets in the evening.

Aalborgenserne ( careful of that tongue now ) might be so happy because of our very own symphony orchestra, our beautiful waterfront, our green parks, our world-class university, our wide variety of cafes or restaurants ranging from super sophisticated gourmet temples to burger joints. Or maybe it’s because of our spectacular new ” House of music “.

Aalborg’s spectacular “House of Music”. Foto: Rene Jeppesen, Musikkens Hus

Or our museum of contemporary art ” Kunsten “, designed in 1972 by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Or it might be the huge amount of bars in “The street of virgin Ane”, in danish “Jomfru Ane gade”. Even though there isn’t as much as a nanogram of virginity over that “waterhole” packed party mile.

jomfru ane gade, aalborg
Jomfru Ane Gade

And Danes, in general, might be A Happy People because of our welfare model. Yes, taxes are high but in return, we get eg. universal healthcare, universal pension and free access to education. Government spending in elderly and on children is in Denmark higher per capita than in any other country. The welfare system in Denmark provides a feeling of security.
As Danes like to say: “we live in a  butter filled El Dorado” 😉

Snackfood and a coffee to go at the waterfront has become a favourite thing to do when we need a break. Winter as well as summertime this is a perfect place to hang out.

What boosts our level of happiness hormones, are summer evenings on the waterfront in the company with good friends and enough cold white wine. Looking at the sailboats on the fjord and occasionally getting a glimpse of a seal popping its head out of the water staring back at you.

Limfjorden, wine, Denmark, Aalborg
Happy days at the Fjord

Our hometown has in recent years undergone a tremendous development from traditional industrial town to a vibrant modern city with many opportunities regarding culture, music, gastronomy, education and sports. Every year our city hosts a wide variety of events. Events like ” The tall ships race”, the annual ” Regatta “, music festivals, Gay pride and even the largest Carnival in Northern Europe with 60.000 participants and 100.000 spectators.

Aalborg carnival, Aalborg karneval, Aalborg, Denmark, party
For one week every spring Aalborg is transformed into a grand spectacle when we host northern Europes largest carnival

And in the summer of 2017 Aalborg hosted ” Landsstævnet “. Denmark’s largest sports festival. Where more than  25000 athletes participated and Aalborg had several hundred thousand visitors.

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2 thoughts on “Aalborg – the happiest place in Europe :-)

  1. Hurray for Denmark! I’m a Dutchie married to an American, and we’ve lived as serial expats in a number of countries. I’ve recently read various things about life in Denmark, and loved the book “A year of living Danishly” by Helen Russel. If only the US would take a few hints! But don’t get me started Enjoy your travels!

    1. Dear Miss Footloose
      Thank you so much for your kind words regarding Denmark 🙂
      If someday you should decide to visit you are more than welcome to contact PassportPlease. WE might be able to give you a couple of tips. Denmark has so much to offer its visitors.
      Best regards
      Anders & Henrik, PassportPlease

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