Reliable and free maps for your journey

Reliable and free maps for your journey

Quite often when we are abroad, a good and functional map and GPS is helpful. We have used the App “” several times.

What we like about this app is, that it’s free and that you don’t need to be online to use the map, like ex. google maps. That means you don’t have to worry about big and surprising bills from your phone company for roaming etc. is based on “OpenStreetMap” which is maps created by the users around the world. The locally anchored maps are generally correct and accurate, and often very detailed.

When in Vilnius, we visited the Tv tower and went through a forest to get there. guided us along small paths, and even though we lost orientation because of trees all over, guided us secure through the wilderness.

To use, you first need to download the app for iPhone or Android. Next, you just download the map for your location to your phone.

When planning a tour from home, we often bookmark places of interest to easily get back to them later at the destination. This is an easy and applicable functionality.

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