Denmark – our Homeland

Denmark – our Homeland

 Welcome to our Homeland – welcome to Denmark



Welcome to the southernmost and smallest of the Scandinavian countries. A country with a thousand years long exciting history. A country with a more than 7300 km long coastline. A country with hundreds of fascinating islands, forests, lakes and fjords and where the highest point is 171 meters above sea level. A country with narrow cobblestone streets and wide boulevards. A country with a thriving music scene, museums and gastronomy temples. A country where people cycle more than 3 billion kilometres per year. A country where Hans Christian Andersen was born and wrote most of his notable fairytales and a country where we have the oldest state flag in the world.

Denmark, map
Image: Pixabay

Welcome to the happiest country in the world, welcome to the Kingdom of Denmark.


Europes oldest monarchy

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy organized as a parliamentary democracy. In fact, Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe and the fourth oldest in the world and has existed for more than a thousand years.

Queen Margrethe the second of Denmark. Photo: Flickr by “Kvasir79”
The royal family. Photo: Wikipedia

And the Danes do love their royal family and especially Queen Margrethe the second of Denmark enjoys great respect. Every year on the Queen’s birthday, the 16th of April, thousands of people with flags assemble in front of her castle and sing a birthday song for her and every year on New Year’s Eve more than 2.3 million Danes follow the Queen’s speech on television. In summer the Queen boards the royal yacht and takes a cruise to different parts of her kingdom and everywhere she will meet happy Danes who welcome her with flags and flowers and want to shake her hand. Our Queen is immensely popular.

Both ancient and modern

When you arrive in Denmark, you will quickly discover that you have arrived in an ancient land. In almost every major and minor city you will find evidence of our history in the buildings, monuments and museums. We are proud of our heritage and have committed ourselves to preserve it.

In Denmark, you will find the remains of Viking ships in Roskilde, medieval towns in Jutland, Baroque buildings in Copenhagen and ancient castles on Funen. This is Egeskov slot. Photo: Wikipedia

But Denmark is also a modern country where science and research in many different areas thrive.

Denmark is a long-time leader in research and development of wind power. Renewable clean energy and technology is a big issue in Denmark and we aim to play a major role here. In 2015 more than 42 % of our total electricity consumption came from wind power.

As you travel around the countryside you will see windmills as polka dots on a blouse and along our coastline, you will find 13 different offshore wind farms some of them visible from land in clear weather. Photo: Wikipedia

Art and design

Denmark is known worldwide for its high quality, functionality and minimalism when it comes to interior design, furniture and clothing and where ever you go in our country you will come across the works of famous designers and architects like Arne Jacobsen, Wegner and Finn Juhl. 

In the last few decades, Danish architecture has flourished and every year new inspiring, innovative and astonishing buildings pop up across the country. When in the Copenhagen area we do recommend you to visit The Blue Planet, Denmarks National Aquarium, when in Aalborg The House of Music, our beautiful new concert hall and when in Aarhus do visit ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.

ARoS Museum of Modern Art. Take a walk inside “Your Rainbow Panorama” – an amazing experience to see Aarhus in different colors. Photo: Wikipedia.

In 2017 The Tirpitz Exhibition, a brand new and marvelous museum center designed by the world-famous Danish architectural bureau BIG, opened. The new museum building on the west coast of Jutland is according to CNN, one of the most exciting new buildings in 2017 and one you should pay particular attention to.

 The sea will fresh you up!

With our thousands and thousands of kilometers of coastline, Denmark is a beach paradise. We love and use the beach all year. Here you will find some of the finest and cleanest beaches in the world. In summer we love a swim in the cool water and during winter long walks by the roaring sea are a top activity. In Denmark, you are never more than 50 km from the sea.

The coastline at Løkken, a popular sommer destination.

But the Danish coastline is not only beautiful beaches and pristine stretches of nature where you never meet another person. It’s also home to the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea National Park is Denmarks largest national park and was in 2014 designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Wadden Sea is an incredible natural phenomenon and the world’s largest system of intertidal mud and sand flats. The Wadden Sea is famous for its rich flora and fauna. During spring and fall more than 12 million birds use this unique natural area as a migration stopover.

Wadden sea, sort sol, vadehavet,
In spring and autumn, during dusk and dawn, you can see thousands of cataracts dancing ballet across the pipeforest in the Wadden Sea area.

In love with  our bicycles

When you go to Denmark there is no need to bring a dictionary. Every child learns English from the first grade and  90 % of all Danes speak English very well. Do bring a bicycle helmet instead 😜.

We Danes love our bikes. We have more than 4.2 million bikes in Denmark. Nine out of ten Danes own a bicycle and every year danish bicycle pushers sell more than 500.000 new bikes. Denmark is a bike nirvana.  We have more than 12.000 km of sign-posted cycle routes and our landscape is very flat so you won’t get a heart attack when riding a bicycle here. Denmark is a truly cycle-friendly nation.

You don’t have to bring your own bike. In our major cities, it’s possible to rent bicycles. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s a great way to explore every corner of our beautiful country. Photo: Wikipedia

Traveling through Denmark it’s easy to use public transportation. Trains run between all major cities and buses likewise. An alternative way to travel and a great way to save money and to meet us Danes is by using GoMore. GoMore is an easy and cheap form of carpooling. Download the app and get started. See more on

Great gastronomy

Coming to Denmark you will soon realize that you have arrived in food heaven. Despite the fact that every Dane eats over 40 sausages per year, drinks 90 liters of beer and consumes 8.3 kilograms of candy we are also a nation of food lovers. Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in Scandinavia and spread out across the country you will find one good restaurant after another and if you just have to satisfy your hunger in a hurry there are endless possibilities in very delicious fast food and take away.

Denmark has something to offer everyone when it comes to gastronomy.


A must try is the traditional Danish “Smørrebrød”. Photo: Flickr by “Cyclonebill”

Choose your season – we will welcome you

You can visit Denmark all year. Every season has its charm. In summer we love lazy sunny days at the beach, outdoor life in the cafés, the many music festivals and our bright summer nights. During spring our forests are immensely beautiful in all shades of green and yellow canola fields wave in the breeze. In  Autumn our forests have the most beautiful golden glow and winter is the season to explore the endless cultural opportunities.


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