Mauritius – Amazing underwater world

Mauritius – Amazing underwater world

When we travel to destinations surrounded by open sea, one of our favourite activities is undoubtedly snorkeling. We can spend hours in the water with mask, snorkel, flippers and underwater camera.

The world that meets you under the sea surface surprises, amazes and sometimes frightens you. The incredible diversity of marine life is an everlasting source of great experiences. We will never get tired of this fascinating underwater world. You can never know what to expect next time you stick your face under the surface. You might meet a colourful parrot fish, a clumsy boxfish, a bunch of butterflyfish, a sea turtle, a spangled sea-snake, a ferocious moraine, a curious clownfish or maybe a playful dolphin.

Ready… steady… PLUNGE!!

Mauritius is perfect for snorkelling expeditions. The island is almost entirely surrounded by a coral reef making it a dream-like snorkelling paradise. Because of the reef, you will find aquamarine lagoons with crystal clear shallow water throughout the island. Warm weather usually attracts more fish and with a sea temperature almost never below 23 degrees you can expect to see hundreds and hundreds of colourful sea-creatures.The best time for snorkelling is during high-tide where most corals are about a meter from sea-level.

It can be quite difficult to choose between the many amazing snorkelling spots. Fortunately, they all lie like pearls on a string. Our top spots have to be Flic en Flac (the stretch of beach in front of the police station) and St. Felix (the stretch of beach east of the small stream).We wish you many hours of delightful snorkelling in Mauritius.


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