Welcome to PassportPlease

Welcome to PassportPlease

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In August we had the privilege of getting interviewed by the guys from Redwood London. They had chosen us to be a part of their winter edition of Mazda Stories. They waned us to give our take on why Danes and especially the inhabitants of our hometown Aalborg are said to be amongst the happiest on the planet.
In September we went to Marseilles and in October to Sevilla and Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain. Especially Sevilla will from now on have a very special place in our hearts as it was here Anders popped the question…………and in August 2020 we are getting MARRIED !!!
The next few months we will spend in Denmark before going to Thailand in February. We have visited this amazing country several times before but it has been 10 years since our last visit. Many things might have changed over the last decade but we still hope to find some of the same Thai spirits we remember from our earlier trips.
PassportPlease is still growing. Every week we grow on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and the blog gets more and more page-views. Thanks for all your support.

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