Welcome to PassportPlease

Welcome to PassportPlease

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These last few months have been a chalenge for everybody of obvious reasons. Luckily everything is starting to look a bit brighter. We hope that every one of you and your loved ones are well and in good spirit.
Because of the situation, we have had to make a lot of changes regarding travels. Some trips have been cancelled others have been postponed.
For a long time, we have had a gastronomic tour along the Limfjord planned, luckily we are able to go as the government slowly has begun to reopen the Danish society.
If we do go anywhere this summer it will probably be road-trips through Denmark, maybe with a detour to Amsterdam and the southwestern part of Germany. We will follow the situation closely and make plans little by little.

PassportPlease is still growing. Every week we grow on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and the blog gets more and more page-views. Thanks for all your support.

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